Alejandra Sevilla

Senior Research Associate

Alejandra is a biotechnologist with a background encompassing immuno-oncology, gene vector delivery, and cell therapies. She is passionate about people and technology’s intersection with complex biological systems. Prior to Retro, Alejandra gained immuno-oncology experience in Dale Leitman’s lab at UC Berkeley and in Maria Mudryj’s lab at UC Davis. She then moved to Sangamo Therapeutics, joining both the Vector Delivery and Cell Therapy groups. There she focused on CAR-T-regulatory and NK cell mitigation strategies for allogeneic therapies. Over the years, Alejandra has developed a profound interest in understanding healthspan and aging through an immunological lens. At Retro, she is keen to work directly on this convergence to accelerate the development of new therapies. Outside of the lab, Alejandra enjoys exploring nature, doing yoga, running or climbing during sunset, and reading philosophy and sci-fi.

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