Anastasia Shindyapina

Staff Scientist

Anastasia received her PhD from Lomonosov Moscow University with focus on both Molecular biology and Bioinformatics. She later joined Vadim Gladyshev’s lab at Harvard Medical School as a postdoc and laterthen as an Instructor in Medicine to work on aging. During her training she tested and discovered multiple longevity interventions in mice, including rapamycin given during postnatal development. Anastasia also researched how B cells spontaneously become cancerous in mice during aging and how longevity interventions affect this process. She joined Retro Biosciences with a goal to translate longevity therapies from preclinical models to patients. Anastasia enjoys playing volleyball, traveling to distant places (Nepal, Kenya, India, Thailand, etc), watching old movies, and learning new things (lately focusing on history and politics).

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