Florian De Rop

Autonomous Research Scientist/Engineer

Before joining Retro, Florian completed his PhD at the Stein Aerts Lab of Computational Biology where he co-developed HyDrop, an open-source method for single-cell ATAC-seq and RNA-seq. In addition to his expertise in design and development of single-cell sequencing methods, Florian is also a competent computational biologist focused on the low-level technical analysis of next-generation sequencing data, and applying single-cell technologies on large (>1M cells) projects. Florian is a strong proponent of gene regulation at the center of many biological processes, including development, cancer, and aging. Prior to his PhD, he graduated with a MSc in Bioscience Engineering/Bionanotechnology from KU Leuven. His work has been published in Elife and Nature Biotechnology. Outside of work, Florian enjoys hiking with his girlfriend, cooking, cinema, and logic puzzles.

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