Guoxian Wu

Head of Chemistry and Early Drug Development

Guoxian (Greg) Wu brings 20+ years of global biopharmaceutical experience in leading R&D from discovery to the clinic. He enjoyed his journey in fields of medicinal chemistry and structure-based drug design (SBDD), where he gained expertise in hit and lead generation, optimization, preclinical studies in oncology and immuno-oncology. Before joining in Retro, Greg led a cross-functional team to advance multiple NCEs into the clinic at Nerviano Medical Sciences, and contributed to drugs garnering regulatory approval (Vemurafenib and Pexidartinib) at Plexxikon-a Daiichi Sankyo company. He is an inventor of over 50 patents and craves new challenges. Retro’s mission elates him to conquer a different kind of optimization: optimizing for quality of life. Greg earned his PhD in Organic Chemistry from Princeton University and a Chemistry degree from Fudan University in China. He likes hiking to experience nature in his spare time.

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