José Luis Ricón

Head of Theory

José Luis’ journey into biotech is unusual: starting with dual MSc in aerospace and mechanical engineering, his career has involved working on electric vehicles, data science consulting for utility companies, ML for ad optimization, and software engineering. He was an early engineer at, which subsequently got acquired by Twitter in 2019.

As author of the popular blog, he has written on a variety of topics, ranging from the economic history of the USSR to longevity research. His Longevity FAQ continues to be a useful resource for newcomers to the field. His interest in technological progress and accelerating science sparked an interest in biology in general and aging specifically and thus he dedicated some years to try to understand the field, culminating in his co-founding the Rejuvenome project, a large-scale aging mouse atlas effort prior to starting at Retro.

Outside of work he enjoys hiking, reading, twitter, and hitting the best restaurants in the Bay Area.

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