Mohamed Yafia


Driven by his deep passion for merging biology with engineering​, ​Mohamed embarked on ​an exciting​ journey​ with Retro as a Bioengineer, His odyssey in fluidics encompassed ​various platforms ranging from large-scale machinery to intricate micro-​scale ​devices.​ ​​Initially, he laid the foundation for his engineering and fluidic expertise at Cairo ​University​​.​​ Then he delved deeper into the fascinating realm of microfluidics during his doctoral studies at the University of British Columbia. ​Mohamed’s horizons expanded significantly during his postdoctoral research at McGill University and the Wyss institute for biologically inspired engineering at Harvard University​. These experiences exposed him to a diverse array of biomedical applications, and fueled his burning desire to develop practical platforms to increase human healthy lifespan.

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