Peng Liu

Staff Scientist

Peng Liu, PhD, joined Retro in February 2022 with his passion on cellular reprogramming and tissue rejuvenation. Peng brings his 10+ years of research experience on cellular reprogramming to the group. Before joining Retro, Peng was a scientist at Fate Therapeutics leading the research and development of hiPSC quality platform. His postdoctoral training was done with Dr. Sheng Ding at Gladstone Institutes working on understanding the molecular mechanisms of cellular reprogramming with transcription factors, small molecules, and CRISPRa engineering.

Trained as a stem cell biologist, Peng deeply believes that mammalian aging is a developmental process dictated by genetics and also regulated by external factors. Peng’s current work is to investigate the cause of aging and age-related diseases in multiple tissues, and help advance a new era of being healthy and old, the redefined “young”.

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